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  Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited (Harbin Electric Machinery Works) founded in June 1951 is the key enterprise producing large and medium type power generating equipment in China. The main business scope covers the design, manufacture, supervision, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, upgrade and retrofit of hydro-turbine, hydro-generator, turbo-generator, controlling equipment for power station, sliding bearing and new energy products.


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  • Hydropower
    Generating Unit
  • Turbo Generator
  • New Products and
  • Auxiliary Products

Hydropower Generating Unit

HEC’s hydropower products mainly include: Francis, Kaplan, Bulb, Pumped storage, Pelton and other types, with cooling methods covering full air-cooled, water-cooled, evaporative cooling, etc. The product design and manufacturing technologies have reached the international leading level. The diameter of Francis runner reaches 10.44m...【MORE】

Turbo Generator

HEC has a comprehensive range of turbo generators from 3 MW to 1300 MW, including the new air-cooled series, full hydrogen-cooled series, dual-water-cooled series, and water-hydrogen cooled series turbo generators and gas turbine generators, etc., which have created a number of firsts in domestic thermal power products....【MORE】

New Products and Business

HEC proactively aligns itself with national strategies and adapts to the ever-changing market landscape by embracing new trends and developments. With a focus on flexibility, stability, intelligence, and new energy, we are advancing toward the development of innovative products and industries...【MORE】

Auxiliary Products

The main product lines of power station control equipments manufactured by HEC includes :generator excitation system, SFC device,turbine governor system,oil pressure device,unit automation components, turbo-generator hydrogen oil water system etc...【MORE】



Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited, a subsidiary of Harbin Electric Corporation, was established in 1951,has stood as the venerated cornerstone of the Republic's equipment manufacturing industry. Throughout our illustrious history, our company has remained steadfast in its commitment to upholding the decisions and directives of the CPC Central Committee. We have steadfastly aligned ourselves with national strategies, always mindful of our duty to serve the greater interests of our nation and its people.....【MORE】


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  • E-mail:fyt@hec-china.com