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Deputy Minister of Egyptian State Power Ministry Mr Eng.Osama Ali Asran Paid a Visit to HEC
Generator Rotor of Peru Machu Picchu Project Manufactured by HEC Succeed into Lifting Assembly
Mr. Executive Palwater. Panhong from Hongsa Power Plant of Laos with a Delegation Visited to HEC
Delegation of Italian State Electrical Power Corporation Visited to HEC
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Science and Technology
  To create the atmosphere of invention and creationTo stress the protection on intellectual property
  The Administrative Measures for Intelligent Property Right, the Detailed Rules for Patent Affairs Management and the Detailed Rules for Trademark Affairs Management have been formulated and issued gradually by the company in order to enhance the self-renovation capability and promote the progress on science and technology.
   At the same time, we have accelerated the improvement of intellectual property system, and strengthened the management and protection of intellectual property, having 180 valid patents applications, and 108 authorized patents from 2000 to 2010.
  Our company was awarded these titles as ^National undertaking Intellectual Property Experimental Unit ̄ and ^Heilongjiang Province Patent Superior Enterprise ̄ by State Intellectual Property Office of the People¨s Republic of China.
Culture HEC

Corporate culture idea:gathering strength by culture; distributing the products to the whole world
Corporate perspective:build up a world wide power base of equipments manufacturing industry
Corporate Mission:revitalizing the national industry; showing the performance of China power base
Corporate purpose:supply power to the world; bring light to human being.

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